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Garden State Garden State – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...a mainstream sanitized attempt to be blatantly arthouse that I cannot fully applaud it." (read more)
Get Over It! Get Over It! – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"I upgrade it from ‘tragic' to ‘pleasantly banal'." (read more)
Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"If you're not laughing, imagine it with a Norwegian accent." (read more)
Gigli Gigli – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"This is a 'so bad you simply shake your head in disbelief talk your way through it and go and have a shower in the middle without pressing pause' kind of film." (read more)
Grizzly Man Grizzly Man – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"In the end Grizzly Man is a tribute to a naïve and perhaps disturbed man who just wanted to find meaning in his life, even if he had to die to get it." (read more)
Guess Who Guess Who's Coming to Dinner – Reviewed by WP McCoy
"Joanna is white, John is Black." (read more)