Funny site where a bunch of geeks sit around reviewing and talking about movies and stuff. Films, films, films. So very sad. Also the best place for all movie geek gossip, rumours, and the bitchiest talk-back forums you will find anywhere on the web. There are hundreds of dweebs just waiting to debate you on such varied topics as 'How shit was Halle Berry in X-Men?' to 'How hot is Halle Berry, fuck I wish she was my girlfriend.' (view website)
Chuck Norris Facts
Kids should be taught this stuff in school. (view website)
Faux Pas
We here at Top Crap know nothing about this guy except that he keeps sending us pictures of himself completely naked bar a shirt and pants and sometimes a raincoat. Disturbing. When we asked him to stop he demanded that we link him here or he would start sending such filth to our mothers. You win this round Fo Pa but you sha'nt win the war.(view website)
Gotye is a Belgish "musician" who is quite possibly residing in Australia unlawfuly. I say "musician" because he mostly just steals snippits from other people's music and chucks them together, much like a fruit salad but with music instead of pineapple and cherries. Fortunately this music salad sounds pretty darn good and can be heard frequently on Triple J and at the children's parties he continually plays at, much to the bewilderment of parents who don't recall actually hiring him. (view website)
Living Off The Land
Australian film in production at the moment that looks really bad, but in a so-bad-it's-funny way. They've been making it for 7 years. (view website)
Noah K. Online
Ever wondered what Noah K. looks like everyday of his life? Check out this website. (view website)
Play Everything
These guys claimed to be bigger geeks than us. We challenged them to a 'geek-off' and they declined. Pffft...what geeks! (view website)
President Of The Internet
Some tool wants his mate to be the inaugural President Of The Internet. He aims to get 51% of Internet users to join his petition. He currently has about 30. People. Help the poor guy out (from the look of him he aint got much else going on). (view website)
The Basics
Lock up your daughters/wives/girlfriends/nannas/pizza, it's The Basics! A Melbourne band that sometimes dresses the same and yet sometimes differently. It's that kind of versitility you can expect from a Basics show. Rumours that two members of the band are actually married to each other are totally untrue and started by us. (view website)
The Top Ten Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed
Awesome and humorous article about the failure or scrapping of 10 sci-fi films. The visual aids really help. This guy needs his own religion. (view website)