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Candy Candy – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"Brilliant films on the same subject... show Candy as lacking some real emotional strength and devastating impact, despite another captivating Ledger performance." (read more)
Capturing The Friedmans Capturing The Friedmans – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
" will keep you debating the innocence or guilt of the Friedmans long after seeing this powerful film." (read more)
Cars Cars – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...lacked the other level I had become used to Pixar implementing so effortlessly." (read more)
Casino Royale Casino Royale – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"While it may not be an archetypical Bond film, it’s still at times a straight-up action film." (read more)
Celtic Pride Celtic Pride – Reviewed by Thomas J.
"Lifts from absolutely awful to regular crap." (read more)
Challenge, The Challenge, The – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"How great a friend is TV when you're pathetically hung-over?" (read more)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
" is largely Depp's performance coupled with Burton's increasing predisposition for style over substance that renders this film as flavorless as it is." (read more)
Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"Mandy Moore is pretty. Europe is pretty." (read more)
Chronicles of Narnia, The: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Chronicles of Narnia, The: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"Uninspired and bordering on boring, this film is indeed Lord of the Rings-lite…" (read more)
Citizen Kane Citizen Kane – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...has no one noticed that this shit is in black & white?" (read more)
Clay Pigeons Clay Pigeons – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...a simpler, funnier U-Turn" (read more)
Clerks 2 Clerks 2 – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"I like Kevin Smith for what he is." (read more)
Coach Carter Coach Carter – Reviewed by Johnny Five
"Star Wars Kid." (read more)
Constant Gardener, The Constant Gardener, The – Reviewed by Johnny Five
"…he just kept gardening." (read more)
Corpse Bride, The Corpse Bride, The – Reviewed by Noah K.
"Whereas The Nightmare Before Christmas was beautiful and enchanting, The Corpse Bride is dull and boring." (read more) BOOM! BOOM! – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"There are many, many reasons why Countdown…to BOOM! qualifies as the greatest film I have seen all year." (read more)
Croupier Croupier – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"Clive Owen is the shit." (read more)