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Jackass The Movie Jackass The Movie – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...crap like this appearing in cinemas heralds the immanent movie apocalypse." (read more)
Jackass: Number Two Jackass: Number Two – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...if you hate the show and the first movie then what the hell are you doing watching this anyway?" (read more)
Jacket, The Jacket, The – Reviewed by Slick
"Butterfly Effect copy where The Butterfly Effect was much better." (read more)
Jacket, The Jacket, The – Reviewed by Johnny Five
"It’s one of those films that always holds promise, like a girl who leads you on. She’ll give you a kiss every now and then but she ain’t never gonna let you touch her tits." (read more)
Jarhead Jarhead – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"I have no idea what it was trying to say about life in the military and about war in general, or if indeed it was trying to make a point at all." (read more)
Junebug Junebug – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
" endearing reflection on the whole ‘never come home again’ adage." (read more)