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Da Vinci Code, The Da Vinci Code, The – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
Daredevil Daredevil – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"I didn't mind it. I actually kind of liked it. Is it a great? Don't be stupid." (read more)
Dark Water Dark Water – Reviewed by Johnny Five
"'Sorry, I had to pull out of your mother.'" (read more)
Date Movie Date Movie – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...itís been erased from my memory." (read more)
Dawn of the Dead Dawn of the Dead – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...I would actually rather watch this film again than slalom ski into a lake full of faeces." (read more)
Day After Tomorrow, The Day After Tomorrow, The – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...just so-so, cosi-cosi." (read more)
Departed, The Departed, The – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"I hate to be predictable, but I prefer the original." (read more)
Descent, The Descent, The – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"This is one surprisingly creepy little thriller." (read more)
Devil Devil's Rejects, The – Reviewed by Noah K.
"I feel like I've been burnt a second time, and yet ya know what? I think I'll check out Rob's next project." (read more)
DiG! DiG! – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"...a gem of a documentary." (read more)
Dirty Shame, A Dirty Shame, A – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"A Dirty Shame is ALL campness. Nothing but. It’s all single-entendre material without one single iota of subtlety, satire, or wit. And it’s painfully unfunny." (read more)
Disturbing Behavior Disturbing Behavior – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"If you're the type of person who can forgive a film for fucking up a premise with some real potential and just accept an absolute mess of a film for what it is...then by all means give Disturbing Behavior another go." (read more)
Doom Doom – Reviewed by Johnny Five
"...The Rock should have his own category in the video store. There’s the 'Action' section, the 'Drama' section and the 'Awesome ' section...Doom would not make the 'Awesome' section." (read more)
Doom Doom – Reviewed by Uncle Cliff
"Doom is a blight on The Rock's otherwise faultless resume." (read more)