Jammin Jammin
Jammin, Top Crap's UK correspondent, currently resides in the UK from where he frequently corresponds. (view profile)
Johnny Five Johnny Five
"You may remember film actor Johnny Five from the worldwide box office sensations Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2, which has been described as 'one of the greatest stories about a military robot turned nice guy ever told'." (view profile)
Noah K. Noah K.
"This is a photo of me on the phone at work." (view profile)

Rico is female. (view profile)

Slick Slick
"Slick first came into the movie zeitgeist about 15 years ago, when he became known as the guy who could quote the entire dialogue from films such as The Three Amigos and Top Gun ." (view profile)
Thomas J. Thomas J.
"Thomas J. looks so much like actor Josh Hartnett that nobody knows which one of them this is actually a picture of." (view profile)
Uncle Cliff

Uncle Cliff
"I receive so much mail here at Top Crap headquarters that the time has come to clear out my in-box and answer some of it. Sure, I could get my PA to do it, but interacting with the general public is something I take a great pleasure in doing myself." (view profile)

WP McCoy WP McCoy
"This is a pic of WP telling Mel that only soft cocks catch cabs." (view profile)