10 Most Overrated and Underrated Films

10 Most Overrated Films

10) Caddyshack
Golf is stupid. Fuck Bill Murray and his stupid pants.

9) Network
I'm fucking bored and I'm not going to take it anymore. Ha!

8) Born on the Fourth of July
More like...Born on the FUCK OFF July! Zing!!!!!!!!!!

7) American History X
That Ed Norton's not so bad. I could kick his fucking arse!

6) The Matrix
Don't even get me started. Fuck off you fat cunt!

5) Amelie
I fucking hate Germans. Gnomes are cool but.

4) Brokeback Mountain
I paid to see arse fucking Goddammit. Not to hear people talk about arse fucking for two and a half hours.

3) Legally Blonde
That Reese Witherspoon's not so bad. I could kick her fucking arse!

2) Million Dollar Baby
Women can't fucking box.

Robert Altman's depiction of life within a military hospital during the Korean War lacks both the wit and the charisma of the long running TV show that followed. The absence of a clear narrative, coupled with an abundance of bad jokes render this film unwatchable.

10 Most Underrated Films

10) Sin City
Crap film but the start and end make up for it.

9) Mozart and the Whale
Heartwarming. Fucking Heartwarming. Josh Hartnett plays a retard. But one those genius retards. Not the kind that dribble everywhere n shit.

8) Black Hawk Down

7) The King of Cool
Not released yet but Hartnett's got the Oscar for sure.

6) The Faculty
Oh yeah.

5) The Virgin Suicides
You're so good. Mmmmmm.

4) O

3) 40 Days and 40 Nights
Yes! Yes! C'mon! Yes! Give it to me! Yes! Yes! Yes!

2) Pearl Harbor

1) Gerry
Edge of your seat stuff. Definitely missing something though. Can't quite put my finger on it.