American Pie 2

American Pie 2

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So I think American Pie 2 is a damn fucken funny film and I've seen it well over 10 times. Some times even sober. So what? Stop looking at me like that.

I know this will be frowned upon in pompous film circles that only consider Monty Python and Woody Allen films amusing, but it's seriously fucking hilarious and ranks very high on LPM (laughs per minute) scale.

I like the energetic teen soft-punk tunes, I like the totally gratuitous nudity, I like the awkward Porky's sex set-ups, I like the band camp gags, I like that Tara Reid only says eight words and thus doesn't reveal her gaping acting inadequacies, I like the underlying ‘message' about growing up, I like it all. Hell I even like the ChrisKleinBot3000. But most of all, like everyone else, I like Stifler, the Stifmeister, the source of most of the laughs in all the Pie films, and who is in his best form here before he becomes a complete OTT cartoon in the mostly rubbish Wedding one.

Funny, funny stuff.