Johnny Five: the glory days

Profile: Johnny Five

You may remember film actor Johnny Five from the worldwide box office sensations Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2, which has been described as "one of the greatest stories about a military robot turned nice guy ever told". Reports indicate Johnny Five would have been nominated for an Oscar if he had more clout with the Academy*.

Disillusioned by the politics of the industry and with his popularity fading, Johnny Five retreated to a small shack in the Nevada Desert and began work on screenplays to mark his grand return. He was inspired by the efforts of actor director Kevin Costner and his film Dances with Wolves (1990), Johnny Five sought to write the perfect screenplay to fit his immense talents. Sadly he could find no studio willing to back his films Sensual Sensei, Dances with Horses and the highly controversial In-Flux which follows the story of a gallant knight (Five) assigned to protect a magical painting which constantly changes.

Again relegated to the Hollywood wilderness, Johnny Five started ghost writing in order to express his ideas without the looming expectations his name would bring. Five played a part in many arthouse hits which (Editor’s note: These films cannot be named for legal reasons).

But the amazing success, the awards, they were not enough. Desperately wanting to get back to his first love. Inspired, Five went back to his shed to once again return to his ultimate vision. His long awaited unfinished screenplay. The world now waits in anticipation for the release of his Machiavellian masterpiece.

In the meantime he writes film reviews which are often jaded by his hatred of Hollywood politics.

* Dustin Hoffman won Best Actor for Rain Man in 1988, the same year he was taking Los Angeles Magazine to court over the publication of digitally-altered images of him in a dress. He was awarded $3 million in damages. In 1989, it is alleged that a $3 million payment came to the Academy with the note "Thanks for everything – High Five" signed with the initials DLH (Dustin Lee Hoffman). Some have suggested the "High Five" referred to the Academy’s successful block of Johnny Five from the nominations, an award which he would have surely won. The allegations have never been fully investigated.