100 Years of Crap

At the turn of this century the American Film Institute brought together 1,500 experts to compile a list of top American movies. The votes were cast by screenwriters, directors, producers, critics– pretty much anybody they could get their hands on. They were given a list of 400 films, produced between 1896-1996, and asked to choose their favourites. The end result was, “100 Years…100 Movies,” a list of the cream of American cinema, arranged in the order of their expert rating.

Well, where was my vote?

Nobody asked me what I thought. I may not be an actor, a director or even a Gaffer's Best Boy, but I still have an opinion. I'm an audience member goddamn it– I pay these peoples salaries. If anything my opinion is worth more than a bloody film historian.

So I decided to download this list of “100 Years…100 Movies,” and review every single one of them, beginning with number 100 and working all the way up to number 1. If you are not of the feint of heart join me on this epic odyssey of reviewing, this ultimate journey of movie watching and we'll see if this list is really 100 Years Of Crap.

100. Yankee Doodle Dandy
99. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

98. Unforgiven
97. Bringing Up Baby